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Readinghabit.net weekly blog 3:Reading that changed my life

Definition: Reading is the act of looking at printed words and understanding or comprehending what they are saying or the act of saying those words out loud or of interpreting those words.

In simple language, to learn from what one has seen or found in writing or printing.

When you want to succeed in life, change your habits. For me, good habits start with reading. Education never ends in our lives. If we stop learning or if we don’t have that eagerness to learn, we will stop our upgrading process. That’s why the most successful people never stop learning. They learn at each stage of their lives and we will find one pattern in their lives. That is a reading habit. They read lots of books. For me, the reading habit started about one year ago when I wanted to change myself. That’s when I read and I realized books are great friends.

The good thing about reading is that you see lots of changes in your behaviour and your nature. I will share some changes that I feel happened after reading.

1) Reading Expands the Mind.

2) You become disciplined in your life.

3) Your power of thinking increases.

4) You become productive.

5) Your vocabulary improves.

Sometimes, it’s very difficult to adopt good habits. We all become lazy fish. For me, it was also very difficult to read. I was reading before that, but I was not consistent. We all need to make changes when we want to take our passion for reading. A few steps you have to adopt like

1) Start with small things. Read for 10 minutes, then slowly increase your time.

2) Make a priority of reading daily

3) Find out the best time to read. Start reading when you wake up. Your body is relaxed after sleeping, so it’s the perfect moment to invest in yourself.

4) If it’s possible for you to carry a book with you wherever you go, start reading when you get a chance.

5) Make a note of the reading. This will help you understand the concept of that book.

For me, reading habit is an important part of my life. My day starts with reading. I can surely tell you that once you adopt a reading habit, you will become a new person in your life. You will love yourself first. That’s the energy of the book. I am glad that I have picked this hobby.

Please start reading books from today. It’s a request I am making for you. If you want a change in life, then books are the only thing that will make you change.

Quotes: "You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books and that’s kind of the same thing"

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Books: This week I am reading the same book. The four-hour work week is actually a so-called practical book to increase productivity and business ideas, so I'm making notes on how to increase productivity and how I can apply those things in business and on my blog.


Course: This week, I took Chris Croft's Udemy course "Successful Negotiation: Master Your Negotiating Skills."


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